About us

Reobee.com a Product of REOBE Inc., which stands for Real Estate Online Business Excellence, looks to transform the way expats buy and sell property back in their home country.

You can find many real estate marketplaces that connect you to people buying and selling property in India, but you don’t have the opportunity to meet face to face or even be in the same time zone. Trying to coordinate the real estate process in this situation can be filled with many challenges.

The real estate market in India continues to grow, making this an excellent time to purchase an property or sell one that you have back home. This process might seem quite impossible with current real estate marketplaces, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Reobee is a peer-to-peer real estate marketplace focused on connected Indian expats living around the world.. You can talk to property buyers or sellers that live right down the street. The biggest time zone differences you’d have to deal with is few hours, which is very different from what you’d have to handle if you were trying to arrange things with a buyer or seller whose India based.

We wanted to make it simple to buy or sell property in your home country, without having to work with expensive brokers or overseas real estate agents. Our platform offers many features to make it easy to look up property listings in Indian cities that catch your attention, find nearby sellers, and start the conversation with an easy to use messaging system.

As a buyer, you get all sorts of information about the property , so you almost feel like you’re walking through them yourself. As a seller, you get to work with buyers in the same country, state, city or even street as you. After Reobee helps you make that first connection, you can choose to take it offline and talk about the details over a cup of coffee or continue talking through the platform.

You can also feel safe knowing that you’re talking to a real person on the other end of the keyboard. Reobee’s secure marketplace has all buyers and sellers go through a user verification process before they can send a message to a buyer or put up a listing as a seller.

Are you ready to transform your India property buying or selling? Connect with fellow Indian expats living around the world and enjoy the benefits of Reobee’s first of its kind peer to peer real estate marketplace.