• What does Reobee stand for?

    Real Estate Online Business Excellence.

  • What is a verified user?

    A verified user has gone through the phone verification process with Reobee.

  • How do I verify my phone number?

    You can access the verification process by going into your profile settings, when you click to message a seller from a listing page, or when you start the property listing process.

  • Does it cost anything to use Reobee?

    Registration is free for all buyers and sellers.

  • How can I message a seller?

    Click the "Contact" button on the listing and fill out the requested information. You must be a verified user before you can send a message to a seller about their property.

  • How can I search for listings?

    You can browse through the listings of a particular city or use Reobee's search functionality to find property matching your exact requirements.

  • How do I report a fraudulent listing?

    Click the "Report" button located on the property listing page. Enter in any information about why you believe the listing is fraudulent

  • What information should I include on an property listing?

    Think about the details that will help you make the listing appealing for potential buyers. The number of bedrooms, the size of the property, amenities and nearby attractions are all good details to include.

  • What makes Reobee different from other real estate marketplaces?

    We focus entirely on offering a platform to connect Indian expats to each other. You can meet nearby Indian property sellers based on your current location in the US.

  • What are premium features?

    When you meet certain requirements, such as sharing to your social network, you can highlight your property listing for better visibility.

  • How can I use the Watch List?

    When you see an property you like, click the "Add to Watch List" button so you can save it.

  • How can I change my username and password?

    Go to your "Profile Settings" to access your account settings, such as your username.

  • What is Reobee's response time for support?

    We will get back to your inquiry within 48 hours.

  • What is a peer-to-peer real estate marketplace?

    Rather than working with brokers, realtors or other intermediaries, you connect directly with the buyer or seller of the property.

  • Why should I use Reobee over another real estate platform?

    No other real estate platform is designed to connect Indian expat buyers and sellers. You can search buyers and sellers near your current location within a 5 to 3,000 mile radius within the US. It's possible to meet and discuss your next property in India with someone living in the same city, or even right on your street.

  • Does Reobee handle the property selling or buying process?

    Reobee simply acts as a platform to connect you to a buyer or seller of your property; we do not take part in the buying or selling process.

  • Am I obligated to buy or send an property after I message someone?

    You're under no obligation to make a purchase when you contact a seller or buyer.

  • My question isn't covered in this FAQ!

    Please email us or use the Live Chat feature to get an answer.