Tech Hubs In India: Where’s Best To Invest Now?


Tech Hubs In India: Where’s Best To Invest Now?


It’s no secret that India, with low costs and high competitivity, has become the go-to country for many companies to outsource their IT and developing jobs. Cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad have emerged as some of the biggest technology hubs in the world, and, knowing that, NRI’s are always on the look for opportunities to invest their capital in the busy cities that will represent the Indian economy in the future.

So, where should you put your money?

With all that said, if you’re used to the Indian Real Estate market, you probably know that the cities we cited before are also ranked as some of the most expensive ones to invest in property in India.

NRI’s have noticed that, and have therefore started looking for other places to buy property. Below, we’ll present you with some ideas for upcoming technology hubs where your money is almost sure to perform well and give good dividends.


Kochi is said to be about to become one of the most important tech-hubs in India. For starters, the huge demand for office space has developers flocking in from everywhere, which is always a positive sign.

The southern city also has also presented a SmartCity initiative not only promising to offer new jobs (over 90,000), but its also located in the region of Kakkanad, which hosts KINFRA Park and InfoPark, therefore making this a smart and attractive investment opportunity for both realtors and startups.

Financial data:

For city center, an apartment in Visakhapatnam averages 64,154.25 Rs per square meter, in comparison with 35,655.45 Rs Rs outside of it.

Kochi might also be an attractive location for NRI’s looking for long-term investments, as going to the Kerala market can open several opportunities. Malayalees are on top of the charts when it comes to Real Estate investments, averaging a total of 78,9% of their savings going to property, which also makes Kochi an ideal place to start investing in Real Estate. 


Visakhapatnam’s demand for plots and apartments has caused investors from all over the world to turn their heads to it, with its superb infrastructure and growing IT industry making it a promising city to invest in. This, in conjunction with a broad range of opportunities to buy real estate, has made it a new favorite for NRI’s investing back home.

With the first phase of the Vizag Metro-Rail about to be finished and the project of a new Industrial Corridor that’s already being called “the upcoming Silicon Valley of India,” there’s no doubt real estate and developing investments will continue to flow to this city. 

Financial data:

For city center, an apartment in Visakhapatnam averages 61,367.30 Rs per square meter, in comparison with 34,444.51 Rs outside of it.

In locations such as Madhurwada, you can see an appreciation in buying prices up to an average of 75,2% over the last 3 years.

Also, this city is considered the 8th most prolific in India, with a GDP of $26 billion. The service sector contributes up to 55% of this GDP. Tourism also makes this a favorite spot for NRI’s that opt to rent their purchases on Airbnb and similar sites.


Pune is the city with the highest rate of people becoming UHNWI’s (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals). That alone should make you take considering investing in it seriously.

That also coincides with some of the most distinguished economists in the country saying about it that “cheaper real estate, fast-paced growth of infrastructure, a booming technology industry and proximity to Mumbai, which are primarily responsible for it” make it a better place to invest, rather than its most expensive counterparts.

This individual growth rate, along with the famous “Tech City” hosting several multinational corporations makes us think that, even though Pune’s economic growth it’s no secret, it’s tech industry it’s far from reaching its highest potential.

Financial data:

One of the most important factors driving investors to Prune it’s the constant increase in rental prices. This year the norm for 1-BHK properties for rental has been between Rs 9,000 to Rs 15,000, while 2-BHK apartments are expected to be at least Rs 15,000. This, along with a 15% to 20% yearly growth in rental prices, makes Pune an incredibly attractive location to invest in.

Residential property has also performed well over certain areas of Pune, with some localities performing as noted:

Dighi: Average 75% appreciation in the last 5 years.

Yerwada: Average 67,9% appreciation in the last 5 years.

Kalas: Average 83% appreciation in the last 5 years. 


With 3.3 million inhabitants, which make it the 26th biggest city in the world, Indore also famous nationwide for its charming people, delicious food, and is the cleanest town in the country.

Supporting its growth from the tech side, Indore’s also got companies such as Infosys, Microsoft and IBM and a SmartCity project that also contributes to making this city an educational hub and one of the most attractive cities to invest for NRI’s, with several industrial and tech corridors with plenty of land space available.

Developers have also given new life to the city’s outskirts, as big names such as Kalptaru Group and DLF have developed promising infrastructure and townships that are also to attract foreign investment in the upcoming months.

Financial data:

The average price per square foot for apartments is around 67,025.57 Rs in the city center and more than twice as affordable outside of it at 30,231.53 Rs.

Nipania’s locality has one of the best appreciation rates the city has to offer, averaging 40% over the last 5 years, and with an average of 3,500 per square foot buy rate.

Rau Road, another interesting locality, has appreciated at around a 31% average rate over the last 3,5 years, being also one of the cheapest, not even reaching the 2,000 Rs. mark.


The renowned “Pink City” has become a startup haven since the government announced a Startup policy, that over 5 years would set incubators, startups and angel capital of Rs 500 crore. With all this capital going to all tech areas ranging from green-tech to health and education, Jaipur is looking very promising for NRI’s investing in tech hubs.

Genpact, Infosys and Progeon are some of the companies established as Jaipur, which has cemented its fast growth with an excellent infrastructure that includes some international airports, new metro links and a convenient location projecting to become a Mega City of 10 million people by 2025.

Financial data:

Jaipur has overall performed in favor of investors, with an upwards tendency in prices for almost all of 2017.

The average price of property in Jaipur is Rs 72.96 Lakh, with locations such as Malviya Nagar reaching a growth of more than 30% in the last 4 years. This particular locality offers prices of Rs 4,500 per sq. mt. for buyers, with a positive upwards tendency in rents as well.

Sirsi Road has also increased its prices by almost 50% over the last 5 years, and at a maximum of Rs 3,100 per square meter is considerably cheaper than Malviya Nagar for investors while performing better over time.

For luxury property, C-Scheme locality has also grown by more than 25% over the last 5 years, but investors would pay on average Rs 7,300 per square meter.


If you weren’t actively looking for it, we hope this article has made you start thinking about considering the tech industry on your list of priorities when searching for investment opportunities.

Also, if you’re looking to invest in real estate from away from India, make sure to take a look at our platform, Reobee. We’re now making it easier for you to do so by contacting you directly with other NRI’s that are buying and selling properties in this and other tech hubs and all over the country, therefore making it easier for you to make informed decisions without relying on overseas partners.


We wish you all of the best in all your upcoming ventures. Be on the look for more market insights in this blog!




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